Computing, Storage and Virtualization

Highly available computing, storage, and virtualization all work together to increase productivity and reduce the cost of IT

Over 10 years ago, we introduced our clients to server virtualization. Since then, we've moved our clients to desktop and application virtualization to increase efficiency and leverage the investment in their servers' computing power. ACC can design, consolidate, and virtualize your physical servers into a highly available, scalable architecture designed with complete redundancy and options for disaster recovery. Partnering with companies like Nimble Storage, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, and Dell, we design solutions to meet your performance needs and budget.

By simplifying the data center, you save money on equipment, power, cooling, repair, maintenance, and overall footprint. Your IT infrastructure becomes more agile and truly scalable. We can eliminate silos of data, ensure servers be added quickly, and allocate the storage as needed. This high level of availability and redundancy is far easier to manage and ensures there's no single point of failure in your data center.

Once servers and storage are virtualized, ACC can help with application and desktop virtualization. We can provide your organization with multi-factor authentication, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and virtual application solutions to provide a secure, mobile, and highly available experience for your business.


ACC helps create a more flexible, scalable environment by virtualizing your servers into a virtualized data center. Reduce cost, increase reliability, application and service delivery, manage and monitor your virtual machines, and run multiple operating systems with a virtualized server environment.


Improve your IT staff’s ability to deploy and manage a secure desktop environment with fewer helpdesk calls. Desktop virtualization integrates with BYOD polices, allowing your employees to work securely from multiple offices or at home by delivering desktops to multiple devices from your virtual data center.


Make your business applications available to your staff by moving them to a virtual ("cloud") data center. A virtual data center will allow your business to deliver applications as an on-demand service to any user at any location.

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