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Experts in web and database design and development

Web technology, web design, and web marketing: this combination of skills sets us apart. Our professionals have experience with Internet technologies, database development, website design principles, application development, and business practices.

ACC can design, host, and maintain your webpages so that you can reap the benefits of having your business available to a world of potential customers.

We can do an app for that!

Whether you're looking for web apps, mobile apps, mobile version sites, internal business process enhancing applications, or improving how you use and collect your business data, we can help you.

Complete web design and development services with our easy-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Web design means giving a website the look and feel necessary to portray a professional appearance. We will match your design needs with the appropriate designer who can best complete your site. The designer can also help with logos and print materials as needed. If you have a designer who you like working with, we can work with him/her as well.
  • Web development is the process of turning your web design into an actual website. Often this process includes configuring your website to work with our Content Management System (CMS). If your business needs assistance with copywriting, we will match you up with the copywriters who understand writing for the web.
  • Our CMS gives your business the power to make website changes yourself.
  • Custom components can be added so that your unique needs can be achieved.
  • Search Engine Optimization means setting up your site with the proper tags in place and making sure that your site text and site links match what you really do and what your website is really about. The site crawlers are intelligent and reward sites that provide good accurate content. We'll help you with this.

eHealth scheduling: scheduling software

County health departments, nursing schools, independent pharmacies, and veterinarian offices can benefit from this easy to use web-based appointment scheduling software. It combines two key elements:

1) A public website in which people can register and make appointments for various types of clinics such as flu, wellness, rabies, immunizations, and any other type of clinic your nurses may be running.
2) An administrative panel in which your staff can schedule appointments, create clinics, create key pre-screening questions, take attendance, and generate reports.

You can find out more by going to and see a demo at

Custom software and application development programming

We will customize our software to fit your business needs exactly. We can provide your business with the marketing power of a web site or the convenience of a secure intranet. An intranet will allow your organization to securely share common information, including: human resource policies, sales literature, product pricing and availability, and company events. Some may benefit from SharePoint while others may be better suited with a more custom solution.

MS SQL and Access database design and development

Our experienced programmers will tailor an application that will help manage and disseminate your corporate data easily and effectively. This customized setup will facilitate data entry and allow your organization to track important information such as marketing, order entry, and sales data.

The integration of the program into email and Internet technology will enable seamless sharing of information with employees, customers, and vendors.

Major benefits of a website through ACC

  • The right people for each job – ACC puts a team in place to work directly with each client to meet their unique needs, develop their site and see it through to launch. The team is led by our project manager who has an MBA and over 12 years of project management experience. We partner with professional designers to complete your design and copywriters to assist you with your copy. Our developers are programmers with experience and training on multiple platforms and the latest technology.
  • System will be highly scalable – This system will be built in ASP.NET. This gives us the ability to add new components or change existing ones over time. It is critical to us that our clients have the foundation to build for future expansion.
  • Custom system – Your input will guide the final result. This project will be customized towards your goals and organization's needs. Our project manager has significant experience in business and not-for-profit strategies.
  • Ease of update – ACC created a Content Management System (CMS) for our clients to easily and quickly update any area of their site. Developed specifically for clients with no experience in programming, it is as easy to use and follows simple, clear, logical steps to quickly add new photos, videos, pages, text, and links.
  • Flexible design – ACC uses professional designers with experience in website design to create an attractive and seamless look throughout the website. We develop our setup mindful that designs can be updated in the future without having to change the site platform.
  • Easy to navigate – ACC works with our clients to develop websites with the end-user, your customers, members and volunteers in mind. Easy to navigate, all of our sites use both design and technology to present an intuitive and logical approach to anyone accessing it.
  • Interactive experience – More than just a billboard, our websites can fully integrate our clients with their customers, members, vendors and volunteers creating an interactive experience. The site is so easy to update, that staff and volunteers can continuously update information to keep it fresh, relevant and engaging.
  • Built with the search engines in mind – We have 2 major advantages when dealing with the search engines. 1 – Our people understand what works and our software will guide us towards the best practices. 2 – Our CMS uses text based links, descriptive URLs, and editable meta tags for every page.
  • Here today and tomorrow – We've been in business for 20 years. Our competitors come and go. We’re stronger than ever.
  • Web design and application development – Serving Syracuse, CNY, Long Island NY, metro New York area, and other clients nationwide.

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