COVID Screening Application

ACC has created a COVID-19 screening application. This arose from our needs to track employee screening tests following set protocols and provided guidelines.  

The app is a browser-based web application that can be used in any modern web browser.  It has a clean and simple interface for employees and/or organization administrators to enter in daily screening information.     

The application is hosted on Azure to manage and report employee COVID-19 screenings. Management can review daily screenings. We will also be offering ways to manage non-compliance in  screenings, potential COVID-19 cases, required testing, employees who are quarantined, and the dates of potential return. The application is secured by multi-factor authentication (MFA) along with data transfer and storage security policies.       

The app differentiates between work from home employees and employees that will either be at the office/production facility or working at client/vendor sites. Screenings can be required for any employee not working from home.  The screening questions are based on CDC guidelines. Screening results are available for management to review. It includes the option for employee self-screening or management administered screenings.  

Pricing: $100 / month, $250 onboarding onetime charge 
We can get you started using this for your organization quickly!    If you have further questions or interest, contact or call Paul White at 315-454-4500, x3