Securely Communicate With Your Team While Working From Home!

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration solution that includes useful business utilities and features, such as text and video chat, file storage, and integrations with other applications. 

As security is a top priority for any solution we vet and recommend to our clients, o
ne of the key things we like about Teams is its security. It supports over 90 regulatory standards and laws, including HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP, SOC, and more, and is continuously updated for persistent security efforts. 

If your organization is already using Office 365, chances are, you already have Teams as part of your subscription
. Check out these additional features of Teams that could be useful for your organization, especially with staff who are working remotely. 

For within your organization

  • Text and video chats one on one with other staff 

  • Group chats with multiple staff 

  • Company work hub allows you to create smaller teams around departments or projects with different permissions levels for team members. 

  • Create channels, which is where the bulk of the work gets done 

  • Document and file storage/integration with Sharepoint, etc. 

  • Text chat, postings to all team members (or tag individual members), audio or video meetings with screen sharing 

  • Scheduled meetings (integrate with Outlook)ahoc meetings 

For outside your organization: 

  • Hold team live events with up to 10,000 attendees 

  • Designate producers and presenters 

  • Take questions from attendees 

With your board of directors: 

  • Schedule and invite board members from your calendar right inside Teams 

  • Hold board meeting virtually with audio/video and screen sharing 

  • Post board files and information to a SharePoint site and link into Teams meeting 

  • Up to 250 attendees  

  • Record meetings to post later 


These are just some of the main features of Teams that we’ve found our clients find the most useful. Want to see more? Contact us here! We’re happy to give you a demo and tour of the application and its many uses.