Thwarting Phishing Attempts for Financial Transactions

With recent changes to laws pertaining to electronic signatures with financial institutions, there are now an increasing amount of transactions being sent electronically. Because of this, your bank may be using a third-party service, such as Adobe Sign or DocuSign, to email these documents that require an e-signature. The emails may be coming directly from a third-party service rather than your “familiar” financial institution/bank. 

Because this process opens up an avenue for phishing attempts, ACC recommends the following: 

  1. Ask your bank if you can expect an email from any other service other than the bank’s own email addresses and when you should expect to receive it. 
  2. Add the email or email addresses that might send the information to your email whitelist in your anti-spam software or provider. 
  3. Before clicking on any link, verify with your bank that the email sent was from either the bank or their third-party service. 

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