Content Management System

Complete web design and development with our easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS)

This gives you the power to make website changes yourself. Our CMS offers the following:

  • Intuitive look and design – Our content manager was designed by business people for people in business. Most content managers were designed by programmers and hence they look that way.  You won’t need to take a class to learn how to edit your website with us. Not convinced? Let us show you a demonstration.
  • Create webpages - Add, update, or delete any page within the site.
  • Expand the site as needed - Add, update, or delete new sections within the site.
  • Full navigation control -  Change the naming and order and add sub-pages within a section.
  • Modify page data - This includes page text, page names, order of page within the site, links to other sites, links to all pages, links to documents such as PDF files, links to email addresses, and photos.  
  • Active / inactive pages - The ability to create pages but hide from them view until a date of your choosing.  This can be used for timely events or pages undergoing changes.
  • Preview before you save - Before saving, you can preview the changes until you get the exact look you want for the webpage.
  • Tables in the text area - Tables can be added and edited through the CMS.
  • Events calendar with recurring events - Visitors can view calendar events in a calendar format or in a list view. Reoccurring events can be added and specific outliers, such as holidays, can be automatically removed from the recurrences. When adding events, the admin can choose a custom recurrence pattern, such as the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month.
  • News system - A section can be designed as a press room to include:
    • News categories
    • Featured certain news items on your home page to keep the website fresh
    • Photo uploads
    • News as text or PDF
    • Auto-archive feature – after a set number of days (e.g., 180 days), news items will automatically be moved to an archive section. This will keep your newsroom clean. 
  • Document upload - Documents can be featured by uploading PDF files directly to the website. A simple link through the CMS allows you to add these anywhere within the site. The documents library allows for:
    • Uploading multiple documents at the same time
    • Categorizing the documents for easier finding
    • Viewing the exact locations of the document within the website
  • Easy to add photos - For any photos that you would like to add to a page, we have created an image library.  Through this library, you may:
    • Choose the size (thumbnail, small, medium, or large)
    • Select the alignment of the photo within the text area
    • Upload multiple images at the same time
    • Categorize the images for easier finding
    • View the exact locations of the photos within the website
    • The software does all of the sizing of the .jpg images for you. There is no need to use any other image programs. This feature really makes our CMS stand out over the others.
  • Multiple image gallery types - Select between several gallery types and choose the one that best fits your needs. You will be able to create a photo gallery to display images and create a slideshow from the photos that you upload. You can have multiple categories to allow the visitor to choose a category of interest.
  • Events listing - Visitors can view events in a list view. Events can be featured and placed in your desired order.
  • Add videos within the text area - Easily add videos to your site's pages.
  • Custom meta tags for search engine performance - Fields are added to each CMS page so that page titles, descriptions, and keywords can easily be updated and each page can be tailored to its content by you. As part of the web development, we will include the default set of tags for the entire site. Any page that has these fields filled out will overwrite the default set of tags for that particular page.
  • Search engine friendly URLs - Your pages will have the page name as part of the URL to make it more search engine friendly. 
  • FAQs section - Our CMS will organize your FAQs into questions and answers that will follow a set format and have categories. Each question can be easily added, edited, or deleted. 
  • Dynamic site map - As you update the site through the CMS, the site map will update automatically. An example of a site map is here.
  • Email signup - This will store visitor emails and corresponding information in the admin area. This is used for mailing lists. Data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for use elsewhere.
  • Add contact forms on the fly - Create forms and assign an email address to send it to on the fly.
  • Direct external site link - In the navigation, a link can lead directly to an outside site in a new window so that the visitor returns to your site when they are done.
  • Direct PDF in navigation - Link directly to a PDF file with the site’s navigation text.
  • HTML capability - If you have someone on staff who knows HTML, they can use it within the CMS for advanced editing.
  • One page / multiple placements - If you have a page that needs to be listed in 2 or 3 or more different sections, we have an easy way to do this without having to add/edit more than one page. Any single page can be listed in more than one location within your site by using our relationships feature. This eliminates double entry, double edits, and conflicting information on different pages.
  • Full site search - Your visitors will be able to search your site for keywords. 

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