eBusiness with Vendors and Clients

Allow your vendors and clients to conduct business with you easily and affordably

There isn't one model for B2B electronic commerce. B2B sites vary from those providing simple lead generation to complex marketplaces serving a variety of buyers and sellers to private extranets. Companies in all industries are figuring out ways to streamline various business processes, and ACC is helping them do it:

  • Using B2B ecommerce can help lower procurement costs
  • Vendor and customer portals help keep them close to your business
  • Working in conjunction with other businesses can introduce an economy of scale
  • Being connected to suppliers creates an efficient purchasing process
  • Business-to-business transactions can improve cycle times and productivity

Use the Internet to make your business more efficient and productive.

It's easy to see that an online marketplace, which mirrors the physical marketplace, makes it easier for companies to transfer information and make financial transactions quicker and more efficient. The real point about business on the web is that it allows completely new ways of doing business to develop. ACC will help you carve your niche in this ever-expanding online marketplace.

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