Digital Marketing Strategies Aligned to Your Business Goals

ACC Tech has been around the CNY area since 1991 providing IT and web development services, and we decided in recent years that it was time to lend our marketing expertise to our clients and help them gain new business. We've worked to train and bring on team members who understand not only the creative side of marketing, but also the technical finesse required to make it successful.

Our team is constantly challenging one another to learn new techniques and earn certifications from Google, HubSpot, and other leading companies in the world of digital marketing. We started with search engine optimization (SEO) services and have since expanded our digital marketing capabilities to serve clients with other powerful strategies, all focusing on the end goal of gaining new marketing qualified leads for you.

So, what are marketing qualified leads? In essence, they're leads you get from a smart and diverse marketing strategy that are more relevant to your business, cutting down on time your sales team has to spend in qualifying them.

Why We're Different


At the foundation of every good marketing campaign is understanding your business, its goals, and your target customers. We take the time to get to know your corporate story in order to craft a strategy that's in line with your business. Doing so allows us to keep your company's unique differentiators top of mind through every step of the process.

Digital Marketing services

We offer our clients multiple digital marketing services, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search/AdWords management
  • Social media and reputation management
  • Email marketing
  • Content creation (copywriting, graphic design, etc.)

Search Engine Optimization

With over 50% of a website's traffic coming from organic search (Google, Bing, etc.) on average, how important is it that your business' website and brand is highly visible on the search engines? We're a huge believer in the power of SEO, which is a long-term business investment to improve your brand's visibility, helping you to capture more qualified site traffic that can lead to more sales.


SEO is like a living, breathing creature that’s always evolving as a result of the search engines and users alike. The way people search has changed a lot in a short few years. Over half of Google searches worldwide happen on mobile devices, creating a need for a mobile-friendly site that performs well on smartphones and tablets. This also creates a need for different approaches in SEO to better capture searchers looking for information on the go.

In general, we focus on technical, on-page, and off-page SEO strategies for a well-rounded approach. We go beyond the typical SEO service by incorporating conversion optimization strategies so that we're not only increasing traffic and visibility for your website; we're working toward continuously improving conversion rates to bring you new prospects.

Free Marketing Audit

We're happy to provide you with a basic complimentary audit to show growth opportunities and lay out what we recommend as the best approach to meet your growth goals.


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