Targeted eNewsletters

Don't let your clients forget who you are and what you can do for them

Do you have clients, customers, and/or sales representatives to whom you send monthly or quarterly mailings by traditional snail mail or by using Outlook groups? There is a better way: targeted eNewsletters. These can be made to look like your website or incorporate your company’s image. This is not SPAM. These are emails that you send to people who know your business. By incorporating your company look and branding through HTML, people who receive these eNewsletters immediately recognize that you are the sender and that the information contained is useful to them.

Use targeted eNewsletters for new services, value added information, and company events

The following are examples of targeted eNewsletters that have proven to be extremely effective in the past:

  • Monthly mailings - to inform clients of business-related issues such as new product offerings, specials, and changes in business practices.
  • Informative mailings that give added value to customers - news concerning changes in industry procedures or government regulations.
  • Upcoming Events - to remind people that an important event is happening and allowing them to easily register online.

Our eNewsletters have been proven to save money, allow clients to act quickly, and keep your business in your clients' minds.

The following advantages have been consistently found for past targeted eNewsletters:

  • Immediate communication to a mass audience - much quicker to send than traditional mailings.
  • Cost savings - over printed materials and standard postage.
  • Action oriented - people who receive these mailings can take action immediately. With a simple click of a mouse, people can retrieve information on the web, order products online, register for an event, or communicate with you.
  • Top-of-mind awareness - by mailing at regular intervals and providing useful information, your recipients will remember that you exist. Current clients can learn about products or services of which they were previously unaware.

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