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ACC's Tech Tips

The truth is, technology only works as well as we use it, so why not maximize its potential?

ACC's tips and hints are a way to help you make the most of the everyday applications you use, introduce you to new features and functionality that you may not know about, and keep apprised of things like security best practices. This can help you stay more connected and work smarter instead of harder. We're continuously adding to this list to create a resource you can return to often!




Microsoft Teams is always changing, and even if you're a seasoned expert with the communication platform, Microsoft can always throw you through a loop. This tip is for anyone new to the platform, who needs a quick tip about joining Teams meetings.

What you should expect if you are invited to a Teams meeting:

  1. You will receive an invitation to the Teams meeting in your email. This invitation will include the date and time, participants (both required and optional), and sometimes (if the organizer has an Audio Conferencing license) a call-in number.
  2. Join the meeting once it is time, either through the email link, the call-in number or from your calendar. You will be prompted to open the meeting either through Teams in the browser or on the desktop app.
  3. You will then have a few options:
    • Join with your camera, microphone, and background on or off, depending on your preference.
    • To turn the camera and microphone off, toggle the switches off. The disabled options will be grayed out, and the enabled options will be highlighted in light purple.
    • To blur your background, or replace your background, click on the profile icon.
    • You can then choose from a few different options, blur your background, or replace it with a provided or uploaded image.
    • Click "Add New" to upload an image to replace your background.

After your settings are applied, click Join, and you're in the meeting!


What are website cookies? Why do we have to accept them on every website we visit?


Cookies, or HTTP cookies specifically, are text files with small pieces of data used to identify your computer as you browse the web.


Cookies allow websites to remember you, your website logins, your shopping cart inventory, and more. Cookies also collect data, which is why GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance is so important.


Most cookies are perfectly safe, so any cookies that are used to track your data are now under strict regulation by the GDPR. Remember that popup that comes up asking if you want to accept or decline cookies? The GDPR requires every website that interacts with EU users to offer an out for users who don't want their data tracked.


Currently, the GDPR isn't applied to US users visiting websites, but if you want to block cookies in your browser there is another way.


In Chrome:

  • Go to your browsing history, and select Clear Browsing Data. Select the checkbox for Cookies and other site data. Click the Clear Data button.


In Firefox:

  • Go to the Options from the main menu, select Privacy and Security. Click The always option under Send Websites a "Do Not Track" signal that you don't want to be tracked" heading in the Track Protection section.


In Edge:

  • Go to the Menu, and under Settings, Select Site Permissions, and then Cookies and Site Data. Turn on "Block third-party cookies" to disable cookies.



Keyboard shortcuts help us work more efficiently and eventually become something like an automated muscle memory action when we get in to a groove (we’ve all been there, right?). We thought it would be a good idea to outline a variety of keyboard shortcuts here for easy reference. You probably know about some of these, but be sure to look through the full list for something you might not have learned yet!


Windows OS Keyboard Shortcuts:

Copy = Ctrl + C

Cut = Ctrl + X

Paste = Ctrl + V

Select All = Ctrl + A

Undo = Ctrl + Z

Close Current Application/Item = Alt + F4

Switch Between Open Applications = Alt + Tab

Lock Your PC = Windows Logo Key + L

Open Start Menu = Ctrl + Esc 

Split Screen = Windows Logo Key + Left/Right Arrow, Enter to Select, Windows Logo Key + Left/Right/Up/Down to Move Applications Around

Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge):

Open a New Tab = Ctrl + T

Close Current Tab = Ctrl + W

Switch Between Open Tabs = Ctrl + Tab

Open a New Browser Window = Ctrl + N

Open Incognito/Private Window:

Chrome = Ctrl + Shift + N
Firefox = Ctrl + Shift + P
Edge = Ctrl + Shift + P


Improve Your Website with Live Chat 

Live chat is a great communication tool for any business to use! It allows for your website visitors to interact with you through your website in a fast, easy, and convenient way. Live chat immediately connects the client/customer to a company agent who can then answer any questions or concerns or get the process started for anything further needed. 

In addition to general customer service chats, you can:

  • Schedule hours for your customer service/sales reps to be available

  • Get full chat transcripts to send internally

  • Filter out bots by requiring contact info be submitted prior to the chat opening

  • Automated greetings to invite visitors to chat with you

Many live chat solutions also have a canned response feature that allows agents to create pre-made messages to send during chats. These responses could be something you find that you're sending frequently, such as "Hello, is there anything I can help you out with today?" or "Thank you. Have a great day!" Pre-made messages can be used to send responses to clients/customers during the start of the conversation or anytime throughout.

Overall, live chat is a great resource for customer service and to better qualify potential customers on your website. For more info on how live chat can help your business, contact us here!


Mobile device and data management made easier

Previously, managing access of corporate data was a much simpler challenge when all we had were desktops and servers behind a firewall. Today, we have mobile devices and challenges that come with working remotely. Because ACC Technical Services believes that our clients should have 100% control over corporate data, we recommend a device management solution to help. Microsoft Intune provides modern management for all company-owned or BYO (bring your own) devices that interact with client data.

While leveraging Microsoft 365’s cloud services, such as Teams and email, is beneficial for productivity, we highly recommend also utilizing the control and data security features Microsoft provides along with it.

Intune helps with many items, including:

  • Management of all devices (iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Prevention of data loss and data leakage at the device/application level
  • Company compliance policy enforcement
  •      -Non-compliant/unauthorized devices can be disallowed access

  • Cloud-enabled centralized policy and application deployment
  •      -iOS/Android apps
         -Windows 10 applications

  • Automatic provisioning of Windows devices
  •      -Save time on new workstation setups. In addition, if a PC operating system dies, we can quickly re-provision the machine for rapid repair.


To learn more about Microsoft Intune, contact us for a demo!


Gain more impressions by using hashtags on your social media posts! 

Are your social media platforms not receiving the amount of impressions that you hoped for? Try using hashtags(#)! Hashtags are a great way to organize your social media posts for your target audiences who are not already following you. Hashtags allow users to find specific content related to what they're looking for. 
For example, if you’re an IT solutions company trying to promote information about security, and you use #cybersecurity, your post has a better chance of being in front of everyone looking for that specific content. By doing this, your social media platforms will potentially gain additional exposure and can even grow your followers or audience. 
While using hashtags, you want to make sure you are using relevant hashtags to your industry. If the IT solutions company in the example above makes a post about security, but instead of using relevant hashtags like #cybersecurity or #security, decides to use #fashion (one of the top viewed hashtags), then their post will not get the same amount of engagement and may even be confusing to users because the content is irrelevant to the hashtag.
Overall, using hashtags is a must for any business trying to grow their audience or followers!



Have you downloaded the new Microsoft Edge browser? 


If you have, you may have found the Collections feature. If you haven’t download it yet, you may want to download it and give Collections a whirl. 

The Collections feature allows you to save collections of web pages that you visit around a specific topic. Let’s say you’re doing some research shopping and are comparing various brands; you could create a Collection and add each site you visit so later when you have time to read the fine print, features and pricing, it’s all there for you.   

To get started: 

   1. Open the new Edge browser  

   2. Select the Collections button on the top right 


   3. Click Start a new collection and Name your collection       


   4. Add Content

       a. Click Add current page to add the current URL 

       b. Select and drag text 

       c. Select and drag images 

       d. Select and drag links 

       e. Add a note 


   5. You can also rearrange the cards 

   6. And send to Word or Excel 


Collaborating with files with Teams 


Sharing a file with others is easy is Teams! Just attach it to your message in a chat or post.

Once you send your message with the file attachment, it will appear in the chat and in the Files tab above the message or channel too, allowing those who are in the chat or channel to access them.





Today, a website is one of a business' most powerful tools to attract new leads, and the more you can understand the "how" and "why" behind someone's choice to choose your business over competitors, the better and more efficient your marketing and sales teams can be.

Google Analytics allows you to access, analyze, and understand anonymized data about your website traffic, such as how visitors came to your site (Google/Bing search, social media, other websites, etc.).

Beyond basic data, you can also set up conversion goals to better understand where the leads through your website came from. For example, you'll be able to see how many leads who filled out a quote request form on your website came from a Google search vs an email marketing campaign you sent to a list of prospects. This helps you allocate your marketing spend toward more successful strategies.

If your website is an ecommerce site (your visitors can purchase and pay directly through the site), you can also see transaction and purchase data related to these same metrics.

With enough careful data analysis and experiments, you'll be able to optimize your website to bring in better-qualified leads, saving your marketing and sales teams time!

Unsure how to set up goals or use Google Analytics? Contact us! We can provide training or set these up for you.


Unlock New Features in Microsoft Teams


There are some new features that are gradually rolling out, including new views in meetings. However, first you have to enable new features in the settings to try them out.

To check for the new features:

1. Find and click on your picture or initials in the top right, then click on Settings.


2. Under Application, look at the last checkbox.  If you see "Turn on new meeting experience," check the box (if you don't see that option, keep checking back for it).

Notice that you will need to restart Teams for the setting to take effect. Close out of the settings menu.

3. To close and restart Teams, you’ll need to right click on the icon on the taskbar and choose Quit.


Note: By default, using the "X" in the upper right corner of Teams doesn’t close the application; it only closes the Teams window, and Teams stays running in the background. You can change this by unchecking the setting "On close, keep the application running" (see setting highlighted in screenshot above), which will allow you to click the "X" to close the application.

4. Restart Teams by clicking on the Start button and typing Teams, then click on Teams to launch.

5. Once in Teams again, you will be able to access the new features below.

Separate Meeting Window

When in a Teams meeting, you'll notice that the meeting is in a separate window from Teams. This allows you to move it to another screen and use the Teams window to check chats, look up documents, and so on.

Meeting Controls

You'll also notice that meeting controls have moved to the top. The Leave button is larger, and if you're the organizer it has a dropdown now to end the meeting for everyone. You no longer have to find the end meeting option under "More."

To see the new features below, click on the more actions button.

Gallery View

While not exactly a new feature, we now see it on the more actions menu. Gallery mode lets you see up to 9 participants in video.

Large Gallery View

This new view lets you see up to 49 people sharing video at once.  This view is available when at least 10 attendees are sharing video.

Together Mode

This view makes it seems like everyone is sharing the same space.  Check it out!

Meeting Notes

You can now take notes in the main Teams window. Just choose the Show meeting note from the more actions menu. You'll see it pop up on the right, then click the "Take notes" button that displays the meeting notes tab.

Focus Mode

This feature is available when content is being shared in a meeting. If you like to really focus in on what's being presented and not be distracted by video streams, then give this mode a try.



Improve Your Writing with Microsoft Editor

If you'd like some assistance with editing a file, check out Microsoft Editor. Editor is an AI-powered service that helps improve your writing by checking grammar, spelling, and style refinements. It's available in Word, Word for the Web, and Outlook.

Find it by going to the Home tab and choosing Editor. Pinpoint the areas to focus on and click a correction or refinement type, like Grammar or Clarity. Then, on the suggestion card, use the arrows to step through each item.


What Do the OneDrive for Business Icons Mean?

If your organization uses Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, then you may have run across the icons it uses and wondered what they mean.  Here’s a quick overview:

 To see the OneDrive icon, look in the notification area in the bottom right hand corner by the clock. If you don’t see it, click the show hidden icons arrow.


 The regular blue cloud icon means that everything is up to date!


 A red circle with a white "x" means that a file or folder cannot be synced. Drill down until you find the problem file or folder and correct the issue.


 The circular arrows over the OneDrive or OneDrive for Business notification icons signify that sync is in progress. This includes when you're uploading files or if OneDrive is syncing new files from the cloud to your PC.


 The paused symbol over the OneDrive or OneDrive for Business icon means your files are not currently syncing.


If you're ever unsure of what these icons mean or are having trouble getting your OneDrive sync working, contact us!


What to Look Out for with Website Security

Let's face it: we all love what the Internet has to offer. However, website security is an increasing concern, and knowing what to look out for can help you browse websites safely, helping to keep your personal information out of the wrong hands.

Since Chrome is the most widely used internet browser in the world, we're going to use it as the browser example. As you visit websites, you may notice security warnings at the top of the browser, like these:


If you see these warnings, it means that there are security issues with the website, and we recommend you do not submit any personal information of any kind through those sites (such as through a contact form) at the very least. These security issues can range from mixed content to an SSL certificate being invalid, and all of them can put your data at risk. Leaving the website without interacting with it at all is the ideal action!

Protecting your data in today's world is a constant process that keeps changing in complexity, but these kinds of notices with browsers can help signal an action to help you protect yourself.


Split Screen in Windows 10

When you are performing a task like comparing documents or coping and pasting from one doc to another, it’s helpful if they’re side by side. This is easy to do in Windows 10.



Start by opening both files or applications. With the first application window, you can drag and drop to the left or right side of your monitor or you can use the Windows key + the left or right arrow keys. When you do, you’ll see it snap in to place on one side, then a view of other open application windows will be presented. Click on the second application window, and it will snap into place on the opposite side.

Give it a try!



Make it easier to see your mouse pointer or cursor

Change the color of your mouse pointer or increase the size of your text cursor to quickly find where you are in your document or text.


To access this setting, click on the Start button, Settings (gear icon), Ease of Access, then Cursor & Pointer. You can also adjust touch screen settings here (if applicable).




Scheduling and Stopping Recurring Meetings in Outlook

When scheduling a regularly recurring meeting in Outlook, you can take advantage of Outlook’s recurrence settings. When setting up your meeting invitation, click on the recurrence button and schedule how often you would like the meeting to recur.

You can choose to have these meetings end on a certain date, after a number of occurrences, or have no end date.


If you need to make changes to any of the meetings along the way, you can open just that meeting occurrence or the entire series of meetings to make changes.


But what happens if you need to stop the meetings before the end date? Cancelling the series will remove all the previously held meetings in your calendar. If you want to preserve past meetings scheduled in your calendar, the solution is to open the meeting series and change the end date of the meeting to the last meeting date.


If you’ve already had your last meeting, you can simply click on the Remove Recurrence button.



Keeping Microsoft Teams Organized!

As we use Microsoft Teams more and more, there comes a time when we no longer need some teams. Should they just be deleted? It depends on the team and the situation. Here are some options.


Hide a Team

If this is a team that you rarely use but want to be able to still access, you can hide the team. This can help tidy up your teams area by showing only the teams you need on a regular basis. Note that hiding a team is a per user setting, so even if you hide a team, other team members will still see it.

  • Right click on the team you would like to hide, and choose Hide from the pop-up context menu. 
  • This will remove it from your teams list, but you can always access or show it again by selecting hidden at the bottom of the teams list, then More options *** > Show.
  • You can hide channels in the same manner; just right click on the channel and select Hide from the menu. To show hidden channels, go to the bottom of the team, open the hidden channels list, and select More options *** > Show.

Archive a Team

If this is a completed project, completed event or a team that’s no longer active but you want to keep it for reference, you can archive the team. 

When you archive a team, the files and conversations in the team become read-only. You can still search through it for information if you need to or restore the team later if needed. Note that only team owners can archive and restore teams.

To archive a team:

  • Select Teams on the left to see the list of your teams.
  • At the bottom of the list, select Manage.
  • In the Active list, find the name of the team you want to archive, then select More options *** > Archive team.
  • To prevent people from editing the content in the SharePoint site and Wiki tab associated with the team, select Make the SharePoint site read-only for team members. (Teams owners will still be able to edit this content.)


To view and search through the content of the archived team, click its name in the archived list. You an also make it a favorite if you think you’ll refer to it often (in the list, select the team, then More options *** > Favorite).

All of the team activity is frozen once the team is archived. No one will be able to start new conversations or reply to posts in a channel, add or remove channels, edit team settings, or add apps. As a team owner, you’ll still be able to add or remove members, update roles, and delete, renew, or restore an archived team.

To restore an archived team, follow steps 1 and 2 above. Then, in the archived list, find the name of the team you want to archive, and select More options *** > Restore team.

Delete a Team

If this is a team is no longer needed, you can delete the team. Keep in mind that when you delete a team, all channels, chats, files, and the Microsoft 365 Group for this team will be deleted.

  • Select Teams on the left to see the list of your teams.
  • Right click on the desired Team and select Delete the team from the context menu. 
  • You will see a pop-up warning box that all channels, chats, files, and the Microsoft 365 Group for this team will be deleted. You will also need to check the box next to “I understand that everything will be deleted” to proceed. If you are sure you don’t need to retain anything, check the box and click the Delete Team button.


Streamline meeting scheduling with microsoft bookings

Bookings gives you a faster alternative to scheduling appointments with your clients. With Bookings, you can allow your clients access to a webpage and book their appointment time for any time that’s convenient for them. They’ll get a booking confirmation and calendar invitation along with email reminders. Plus, if they need to reschedule or cancel, they can do that right from the site too.

You can customize appointment details and booking requirements to simplify the booking experience. Bookings integrates with staff’s Office calendars, which helps to quickly find available time that avoids double booking.

You can set your Bookings meetings to be virtual online meetings via Microsoft Teams. Each appointment booked as an online meeting creates a unique meeting link that’s sent to attendees so they can join via a web browser, phone dial-in, or the Teams app. Bookings is also available as an app within Teams, which allows you to create Bookings calendars, assign staff, and both schedule new and manage existing appointments all within the Teams interface.


Take Quick Screenshots with Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch


The Snipping Tool, available in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 gives you a quick way to capture all of your screen or a selected portion with free-form, rectangular or window snips.

Just click the Start menu button in the lower left-hand corner, type in "snip," and snip away!

Take a snapshot to copy works or images from all or part of your PC screen, then use the tool to make pen or highlight notes, edit with 3D paint, save or share with copy and paste.

Similar to the Snipping Tool, the newer Snip & Sketch offers the ability to take snips of all or part of your screen, make notes with a pen, and highlight. It also includes a ruler to help with those straight lines! Just a press Windows key + Shift + S to bring up a snipping toolbar.



Many companies had to quickly make the switch to have staff working from home. Now that we’re settled in at home, do you know where files are being saved? They could be on a work PC, home PC, on a flash drive, in Microsoft 365, or another cloud service?  If you're not sure, now is a great time to look at where those files are being saved and if they’re being backed up. 


Schedule Social Media Posts Well In Advance!

Social Media Icons

In today's world, maintaining an online presence is key for many industries. Social media is an easy way to create brand exposure and drive traffic to your website, but it can sometimes be time consuming and difficult to stay on top of posting regularly. There are many useful tools available, including SEMrush, Hootsuite, and more that allow you to schedule social media posts in advance. These tools allow you to schedule posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest all within one interface. Schedule posts days in advance or fill out your entire calendar for the coming months in one easy location, then all posts are automatically uploaded to your desired social media platform at the exact time of your choosing. One thing to note is that Instagram posts generally can't be created within these third-party tools as part of their rules, so these posts will have to be done manually.

Check out SEMrush and Hootsuite to start scheduling!


Sync SharePoint and Teams files with the OneDrive sync app 


Did you know? You can sync your SharePoint or Teams files to a folder on your computer where you can work directly in File Explorer and access the files even when you're offline. Whenever you're online, any changes that you or others make will sync automatically!

How to set up syncing:

1. On the Microsoft 365 app launcher, choose "SharePoint" or "Teams," then select the site with the files you want to sync. 
2. Choose "Documents" or the name of the Document Library you want to sync. 
3. Choose "Sync." Note: after setting up syncing once on a computer, the files will sync automatically.
4. Your browser may request permission to use "Microsoft OneDrive"; confirm that this is okay.

5. To sync the files on another computer, go to that computer, and follow these steps again.


Password Reuse Is a Bad Day Waiting to Happen


What do we mean by password reuse? As the name implies, it's when we have one password we use for all (or many) of our accounts online. The problem with using the same password for multiple accounts is that when one of those accounts gets compromised, criminals use them on other well-known services (think email and bank accounts) to gain access to your other accounts. This can lead to a cascade of account compromises. Even if you are slightly modifying your password, such as changing a "1" to a "2," criminals have that covered by using tools with algorithms that test multiple variations in seconds.

So, what can you do?

  • Use different passwords or passphrases for accounts 

  • Use multi-factor authentication wherever possible! This is another form of authentication, such as a code you enter from an Authenticator app on your cell phone. This greatly reduces the chances for account compromise. 

On a related note, since we all have far too many accounts to log in to today, keeping track of different credentials can be made easier with a password manager tool. However, security measures of these tools differ greatly. Contact us for our recommendations!




Keep your ideas, information and all things organized in OneNote, an electronic notebook that you can "carry" with you everywhere from your desktop to mobile devices.

Use it for ideas, note taking, meeting notes, client info, project info, and anything else you need to organize.

You can type in it, copy and paste from other sources (including websites), record audio notes, add online videos, add files, draw or take notes with a stylus, and more. You can also use tags to identify items such as important or "to-do" items. Use one of the built-in tags or create your own.

If you haven't tried OneNote yet, we encourage you to check out this valuable tool!


Schedule appointments across companies without emails back and forth!

It can be time consuming and sometimes confusing to get an appointment or meeting scheduled with multiple people from multiple companies (or, let’s face it, sometimes in the same company).

Using Microsoft’s FindTime, you can select what days and times work for you when you create the email.

Everyone you send the email to selects the best times for them and can even suggest another date and time.Once everyone has voted for their best time, the meeting is auto-created. Done!

Download and learn more here.


Easily Manage Employee Shifts in MS Teams! 

The Shifts app, located within Microsoft Teams, lets managers create, manage, and update shift schedules. Employees and their managers can use their mobile devices to manage schedules and keep in touch. Employees can view their upcoming shifts and request to swap shifts, offer a shift, or request time off.

Additional features include sending personal messages, sending group messages, adding daily notes, and more! 


Build a form and share responses in minutes 

Microsoft Forms is an app within Office 365 that allows you to do a number of things, including:

  • Create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in.

  • Invite others to respond to your form using any web browser, and even on mobile devices.

  • Use built-in analytics to evaluate responses as they're submitted.

  • Export form data, such as quiz results, to Excel for additional analysis or grading.

Start your new form here by following a few easy steps!

Scan Documents from your phone

Microsoft’s Office Lens is a free app you can download for your devices. Simply select what you’d like to capture: documents, whiteboards, business cards, or photos. Take the picture with the camera on your device.

Office Lens will automatically crop, flatten, and remove light glare to create a clean result. You can adjust the crop if necessary. Save it to OneDrive, OneNote, or another location. This is a great way to scan items when you’re working remotely or on-the-go, keep them in a centralized location, and access them from your everyday business applications!

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get started.