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ACC's Leadership Team


Michael Rost

I love living in Central New York. I moved here to go to Syracuse University about 30 years ago, fell in love with the area, and never left. I feel the same way about information technology. Cloud services, digital security, application development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, virtualization, servers, and networking all come together under this umbrella we call information technology. It can be overwhelming because it is so extensive, but IT can transform your organization to compete on a world stage.

Information technology is my passion. It is my team's passion. We often mention the phrase "living the dream" because we truly do test and implement new technology first within our company before we apply it to others. It's our culture, and I'm proud of that.

To me, information technology is an industry of change that presents you with something new and exciting most every day. That's incredible. It requires a wide-ranging set of skills that influences more of business and society every day. It is incorporated in everything we do. None of us can live without it. When it is applied correctly, it's in the background and we forget about it. It's a new way of doing and seeing things; it's core to modern communication, it helps people and organizations do things faster and easier, it helps people help themselves, it secures physical and digital spaces, and it brings people and data together to help them achieve their goals.

It's rare that a person gets to do what they love at a place where they're surrounded by interesting and smart teammates. The same can be said about the clients we have the privilege of serving. My teammates and clients have allowed me to help contribute to new and creative solutions every day.

The team and I have worked hard to build ACC founded on our collective passion for helping our clients leverage information technology to further their organizational goals. We have decided to go in a different direction from our contemporaries; we do not align with specific vendors or focus on products, but instead we focus on the needs of our clients. The new and shiny as well as tried and true solutions are only interesting if they help solve a problem or improve our clients' businesses. The result is a community of employees and clients that has a real and long-lasting relationship where both have prospered and benefited from the experience. Our clients want us to be invested in them. They want us to know their business, challenges, and culture. We want clients who see value in what we do. Most importantly, we want to be involved in our clients' businesses and to help them succeed. The resulting organic growth of our staff and client base has been incredible.



Stephen Rost
Director of Development Services

I joined ACC in 1998. I accepted the challenge of going from working for a large corporation to a small business with a handful of employees at the time. I soon learned that I joined a team of smart and committed people, many of whom still work at ACC.

After learning what services ACC provided clients and discussing IT trends with other ACC employees, I started our website development services. As is still part of ACC culture, the first thing we did was create a website for ourselves and learn what works and what doesn’t before implementing it for our clients. As business grew, we brought on new web development talent and integrated our database developers into the new development services department. One of the other strategic decisions we made early on was not to commit to only one vendor. Had we been entirely tied to Novell in the late 1990s, things may not have turned out as well as they did.

Business strategy is a passion of mine. One of my favorite things to do is to strategize with our clients and teammates. Learning our clients’ business needs, strengths, weaknesses, and vision allows us to provide IT-based guidance and solutions that will help improve their organization. Over the years, we’ve created, researched, and implemented many solutions that have increased productivity, enhanced our clients’ growth, and generally improved their business/organizational processes.

Early on, I learned that flexibility and learning new technology are key to success in our Industry. Today, as things continue to change and the Internet of Things becomes increasingly important, I’m excited to be part of our cloud services, development, and sales and marketing teams. I’m proud to be part of a company that is innovative, collaborative, and truly cares about the people who work here and the clients we serve.



Michael Cretaro
Virtual Chief Information Officer/Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

I rejoined ACC in 2017 after a "brief" hiatus. I have degrees in accounting and IT, and my career started in public accounting doing audits as well as IT. I found that while I like accounting, I love IT much more, and therefore joined ACC back in 1996. I was here for two years helping clients to do what they do better through technology. I had an opportunity after a couple of years to become an IT leader in a local healthcare organization that was growing. 

During my time in the private sector, I had the opportunity to experience all facets of leadership, organization strategy, and growth, as well as the various legal and compliance challenges that organizations face. I've been able to apply my varied experience to many clients to bring solutions that might otherwise have been overlooked. 

In addition, to my technology experience, the majority of my career has been in a leadership role as "head nerd" in different organizations. I have built, rebuilt, and managed various teams in all areas of IT as well as non-IT areas. I bring a strategic focus to organizations through two avenues. For organizations with internal teams, I help mentor the team and bring the organization's strategic vision to the team so we can ensure technology that supports that vision. The other avenue is in assisting senior leadership of organizations in understanding how technology can be used to better achieve an organization's vision.

ACC has always been a part of my professional life for various reasons. In my various roles, I have worked with many IT vendors. ACC has always had a different philosophy than our competitors. ACC is truly focused on providing clients the best solution for the client. Sometimes those solutions do not directly benefit ACC. Most competitors would steer clients away from such solutions. This is extremely rare. 

When I had an opportunity to bring my skills and experience back to ACC, I was very excited and can say this is truly the best job I have ever had. I have the chance to work with great clients, IT teams, and ACC staff, and I look forward to continuing this.



Michelle Rost

Controller/HR Administrator

I joined ACC part time in 2005, which evolved into a full-time position in 2016. Up until I earned my degree in accounting in 2013, I worked in the dental and medical worlds. I first encountered ACC as a client rather than an employee first in 2000 and again in 2002! 

I left the medical and dental world behind to pursue my chosen profession in accounting but continued to work part time for ACC, although it was clear to me at the time that I would eventually find a full-time home at ACC. I was right! 

In 2016, I joined the ACC team full time as our controller and HR administrator. I was able to bring stability to our employees, our greatest resource, with continuity in benefits, training, state mandates and more. I love accounting, so filling the controller/accounting role was natural for me. I love what I do, and love that I can serve our clients and ACC with that knowledge. 

The ACC team has become a family to me, and I believe that the relationships we all have with one another reflects in the service and care that we extend to our clients. We strive to be the best technology company we can be through communication, commitment, and loyalty to give our clients the end result that they not only need but deserve.  


Paul White 

Sales Manager

I joined the ACC team in 2017 and have found my company and technology home. In the 1990s, I initially worked with the ACC team as an IT resource to assist my customers installing internet circuits. ACC was one of the few CNY technology providers that embraced TCP/IP. Who knew? 

Today, ACC is a far different and diversified technology solution partner for our clients. It's refreshing to see our teams consistently lead with assessing the situation and providing knowledge-based solutions versus a quick hardware fix.

I am surrounded by a wide and deep group of knowledgeable resources in our expertise areas of networking, custom application development, security, and digital marketing services. As a fundamental part of our staff culture, the commitment to working until an issue is resolved, the tackling the of difficult technology challenges, and the ability to provide our clients the right technology solutions are everyday things at ACC. 

As the head of our sales and marketing teams, I've been able to add my industry knowledge and experience to complement the existing ACC knowledge depth. As we approach our 30th year in business, ACC is continuing to change and grow to deliver solutions to our clients' requirements.

Technology doesn’t always work perfectly; unknown requirements are discovered after the fact, and clear communication remains a constant point of emphasis. However, integrity, commitment, and complete transparency ensures that we will work until any issue is resolved to a client’s satisfaction. This continues to set ACC apart. We do not walk on water, but we will always be there for our clients.

I stand behind "Technology Provided by ACC."