ACC Client, Metal Solutions Refocuses Their Business During COVID Crisis

In light of COVID-19, Metal Solutions has stepped up to provide valuable products to frontline essential workers. Through a partnership with Aeromed, they’re able to provide and deliver hundreds of Stratus units to hospitals in need. Metal Solutions Stratus GUV is an upper-room fixture that is designed to irradiate air that may contain infectious pathogens 

Over the past few weeks, Metal Solutions has experienced high demand for this product and cannot get them to hospitals fast enough. Drivers are meeting hospital staff on the side of the NYS Thruway and transferring between trucks to try and be as efficient as possible. Aeromed has also helped install hundreds of units in a Kings County hospitalan area heavily impacted by COVID-19.  

Metal Solutions is also partnering with Aeromed to further develop the UVantage prototype, a prototype thought to surpass the demand of all other products. The UVantage is intended to irradiate surfaces in spaces that require thorough disinfection from infectious pathogens. This prototype is designed for locations where time for disinfection is limited but performance is critical. 


“This is a huge morale boost for our employees to know they are working on something that is helping to fight the virus.” 

-Metal Solutions 


Thank you to Metal Solutions for helping those in need during this difficult time! 



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