ACC Update and Support for Phase 1 – Return to Business

In line with our clients, ACC is reviewing and following the Onondaga County, NYS and Federal guidelines on for Phase 1. As previously communicated, we have all ACC staff following protocol for onsite client service and emergencies. We want to bring to your attention 2 key topics:
  1. 7 tips for bringing company-owned computers back to the office
  2. ACC launching a COVID-19 test screening application
Here are 7 best practices for bringing company-owned computers back to the office from home network environments. This will help you to avoid network issues, delays, and unexpected costs. If there are any questions, call our helpdesk.
  1. Firewall – In many cases, your staff has been operating on a home network that lacked a firewall. We want to avoid a computer returning to the office to walk a virus past your company firewall and security practices.
  2. Software Updates – Ask your staff returning computers to the office to check and complete all updates prior their return; otherwise, they will be faced with delays and related issues when they connect internally.
  3. Antivirus – Company-owned computers should have the antivirus application installed that was provided by ACC. Your staff should run a complete scan after updates are completed and before they return to the office.
  4. File Backup – Ask your staff if they have followed your company procedures on backing up files, ideally to your server. If not, a purchase of a USB memory stick to back up files on their PC would be a solid and minimal investment.
  5. Company Files and Information – During this time, it may have been easier to download and store files on their local PCs at home. Discuss with staff your company policy and removal of these files after backup is verified.
  6. Password Change – Upon return to the office, follow your company password change policies. Change passwords for both staff and network administration users.
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – If MFA is not installed, strongly consider. This provides a second approval process and helps to prevent unwanted password changes and allowing bad actors to gain access to your network.
COVID Screening Application

ACC is in the process of launching a COVID-19 screening application. This arose from our needs to track employee screening tests following set protocols and provided guidelines.
ACC will be both using internally and offering an application hosted on Azure to manage and report employee COVID-19 screenings. Management will be able to review daily screenings, non-compliance in screenings, potential COVID-19 cases, required testing, employees who are quarantined, and the dates of potential return. The application will be secured by multi-factor authentication (MFA) along with data transfer and storage security policies.  
The app differentiates between work from home employees and employees that will either be at the office/production facility or working at client/vendor sites. Screenings will be required for any employee not working from home.  The screening questions are based on CDC guidelines. Screening results are available for management to review. It will include the option for employee self-screening or management-administered screenings.
If you have further questions or interest, contact 
[email protected] or call Paul White at 315-454-4500, x3.