COVID screening record

Need a better way to track COVID-19 screenings for your employees and organization? ACC has a solution for you! We’ve developed a web-based screening application that allows you to manage multiple aspects of COVID-19 screenings, including employee self-screening, reports (including contact tracing), compliance reminders, and more.

Our clients already using this solution come from education, non-profit, manufacturing, medical, and other industries. We're able to customize the application to fit both your organization and industry needs.

Since the app is web-based, it makes it easy for anyone to access it from any device connected to the internet and keeps all of the data centralized in one place.


Main features include:

  • Tracking of all mandated items, including screening questions, from health authorities
  • Differentiation between work from home employees and employees who will either be at your office/production facility or working at client/vendor sites 
  • Options for employee self-screenings or management-administered screenings 
  • Optional requirement for screenings of employees not working from home
  • Ability to add custom questions
  • Comprehensive reports available for download/export
  • Can customize the app based on your organization’s needs

A note on security:

Since we wholeheartedly believe in security first, the application includes multi-factor authentication as well as data transfer and storage security best practices. We’ve also had the application pen tested by an outside party.


Free demo:

Get a free demo! We’re happy to show you around the tool and answer any questions you may have. Fill out the form to sign up!