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Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation & Business Growth Consulting

Reliable network/data security and defined IT strategies are growing needs for today's businesses. Even while the pieces may be in place, solutions and threat actors' methods are constantly evolving, requiring vigilant maintenance to protect information from getting into the wrong hands and ensuring a solid IT foundation is driving business growth in multiple areas. To help fill this need, ACC Technical Services has created a suite of solutions customizable for any size organization.

These solutions come from a dedicated virtual CIO/CISO (chief information officer/chief information security officer)  consultant who provides you with a broad overview and foundation to build and execute an IT strategy as well as meet key milestone goals. This is a set of defined ongoing services customized to meet your strategic goals and cybersecurity compliance needs as well as drive your business forward and provide you with peace of mind concerning protection of your business' essential data.

While every organization's needs are different, our consultation services can include:

  • Risk assessments (organization and vendor)
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response planning
  • Employee education/training
  • Regular meetings with leadership and IT teams
  • Project portfolio analysis/management

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