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Virtual Solutions


Our virtual role solutions provide c-suite knowledge and experience for small- to mid-sized organizations.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Our virtual chief information officer (vCIO) service provides an experienced IT professional to oversee the use of information technology in your company. They align the organization's IT strategy with the organization's overall goals. In addition, the vCIO ensures that all systems necessary to support the operations and objectives are in place. Our vCIOs have a solid IT background, consistently update their knowledge as the industry changes, have strong business acumen, and are experienced leaders in business. 

Service includes:

  • Aligning organization and IT strategies

  • Identifying and implementing key technologies to support the organization's operations in an optimal manner 

  • Designing and configuring flexible systems and platforms to improve quality of services and products 

  • Providing guidance and mentorship to an organization's IT professionals 

  • Directing and monitoring IT-related projects



Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Our virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) service is provided by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). The vCISO oversees the security of an organization's information technology assets and systems. The vCISO aligns an organization's IT goals in a secure manner to ensure that an organization's risk is known and acceptable to the leadership. They also ensure that the necessary systems and procedures are in place to maintain a secure IT environment. Our vCISOs have a solid IT and cybersecurity background and consistently update their skill set in the IT security arena. In addition, our vCISOs have a strong business acumen and are experienced leaders in business.  

Service includes:

  • Aligning organization and IT strategies in a secure manner 

  • Identifying and implementing key security technologies to support the organization's operations in a secure manner 

  • Designing and implementing flexible security platforms to monitor and enhance an organization's security risk posture 

  • Providing guidance and mentorship to an organization's IT and information security teams



Virtual Director of Technology


The virtual director of technology (vDOT) reports to the CIO and/or company stakeholder and provides direction for the planning, design, development, and implementation of technology with the onsite team. The vDOT reviews and enhances standards based on industry best practices for all hardware, software, and system solutions specific to the client's environment and budget. This role implements projects defined by management to meet company goals. The vDOT also attends meetings with the direction deemed appropriate by management. They're a mentor to the existing IT team and help manage performance reviews and new hires. 

  • Weekly meetings with existing IT team on project status 

  • Review with CIO and executive management on budgeting  

  • Technology mentor to existing IT staff 

  • Overall responsible for day-to-day technology infrastructure  

  • Review and growth of IT team and knowledge base


Virtual web services manager

Our virtual web services manager (vWSM) services consist of collaborating with clients on high-level marketing and website strategies. As these two worlds are increasingly connected to one another, our vWSM role is one of ensuring these worlds stay connected and are in sync with your organization’s larger goals. It can include: 

  • Analysis of marketing strategy with actionable recommendations based on business goals 

  • Vetting/management of third-party vendors 

  • Collaboration with marketing, development, sales, and executive teams 

  • Project management and process creation/organization 

  • Regular meetings with key individuals and teams 

  • Long-term planning of marketing and website strategies 

  • Website security analysis and recommendations for improvement 

  • Systems integration analysis and planning for increased efficiency between marketing, sales, development, and other departments




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